Missing Richmond
This heartwarming tale about a boy, his dog, and his beloved teddy bear teaches children a subtle message about the importance of sharing. When Tobias loses his favorite teddy bear, Richmond, while on vacation at the beach, he's devastated. He and his dog Spike even put posters all around town asking about the toy. When he finally spies a young girl playing with Richmond, a joyful Tobias hatches a plan to get the bear back--and he succeeds! But he can't stop thinking about how sad the girl became when she realized Richmond was gone . . . and he knows he must make things right again.
Billy and the Balloons
A small boy + a big bunch of balloons = magic! Billy's dad has a special touch with balloons, turning them into every imaginable shape and creature. But one Christmas Eve, the wind whips up and tiny Billy finds himself and his father's balloons floating away through the clouds. Lots of friends, both human and animal, scurry to the rescue--but instead of bringing Billy down to earth, one by one they end up coming along for the ride. Will Billy succeed in landing safely . . . and help Santa and his tired reindeer deliver their presents too?
Rain Rain Go Away
The classic nursery rhyme illustrated for classrooms
Snow Day in May
Raven is having the worst week ever. Her best friend Belle has just moved away, and tomorrow is Voices of History Day. Raven and Belle were working on their project together, and now Raven has to present alone--in front of the whole class. But when Raven stumbles upon the Wish Library and asks for school to be canceled, she faces a whole new challenge--and finds that just maybe she had the bravery she needed all along.
Principal for a Day
When Raven leaves for vacation, Luca finds himself on his own again. As the new kid at Lincoln Elementary, he's tired of getting told what to do by everyone around him. So despite his best friend's warnings, Luca visits the Wish Library and asks to be the one in charge. But even rule makers need to compromise sometimes.
Tow Truck Joe Makes a Splash
Brimming with catchy rhymes, bright colors, and summer fun, this sequel to Tow Truck Joe will delight fans of the original and new readers alike! A delightful rhyming picture book from the author of The Goodnight Train. One for all! All for one! We can fix it! Let's have fun! It's a hot summer day in Motor City and Joe the Tow and Patch the Pup are very busy! When a back-up at the Splash 'n' Shine car wash causes a delay, Patch and Joe need help from their friends to save the day. There's no job too big for the Motor City friends when they work together!
Trick-or-Treat with Tow Truck Joe
The cars and trucks of Motor City are dressed up to trick-or-treat in this holiday adventure from the world of Tow Truck Joe. Joe and his pup, Patch, find surprises around every curve - and readers find surprises under every giant lift-the-flap - in this rhyming board book that's more beep than boo!
Goodnight World
Goodnight World is a lovely bedtime story book for 3-5 year olds about caring for the world's animals and appreciating the diversity of God’s creation.
Mister T.V.: The Story of John Logie Baird
John Logie Baird loves inventing things! When he hears about another inventor who has built a machine to show real live pictures, John sets about trying to do the same. Equipped with bits and pieces found in his house, John begins a journey which will change the course of history forever. Mister T.V. follows the life of John Logie Baird and the story behind the invention of the television.
The Story of Abraham Lincoln
Delve into the life of the 16th president of the United States―Abraham Lincoln―a man many say is the most important president in US history. Even before he ended slavery and reunited America, Abraham was a hard-working kid who believed in equality and freedom for everyone. He soon discovered that by learning as much as he could, he would be able to help people and change the world for the better. Of all the Abraham Lincoln books for kids, this one best explores how he went from being a poor farm boy with a dream to one of the most powerful leaders in US history.
Save the Day for ADA May
A highly interactive book in which the reader is asked to perform actions to save baby Ada May, as her brother is totally oblivious to the escalating consequences of the danger he has put her in, simply by bending over to feed the ducks! Children will scream with laughter as they tilt, shake, blow, clap and shout at the book to avert catastrophe and save the day!
Tow Truck Joe
Joe the Tow and his pup, Patch, are on the go—and always there for a car or truck in need—in this rhyming picture book sure to appeal to fans of Little Blue Truck and Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site! Welcome to Drivedale, a busy little town full of cars and trucks to meet! Joe the Tow and Patch the Pup are there twenty-four hours a day to help friends in need and keep everyone rolling along smoothly. When a cookie-crumbling fender-bender brings traffic to a halt, Joe knows just how to turn the sticky situation into a delicious solution: by working together!
If I Were a Park Ranger
If you were a national park ranger, you'd spend every day in one of the most treasured places in America. You'd have an amazing job protecting animals, the environment, and our country's natural and historical heritage, from the wilds of Denali to the Statue of Liberty!
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