Missing Richmond Final Images
Lot's of People
Snow Foxes
Tow Truck Joe
Wish Library
Fiddler on the Roof
Medical illustrations
Frank’s Cafe
John Logie Baird
Illustrations for an educational children's book about John Logie Baird
Ancient Egypt
Illustrations for an educational children's book about ancient Egypt
Illustrations of Space, Solar system, planets, stars, mars concept art and the International Space Station done for an educational children's book
Charity shop
Catch that balloon!
The elephant
A children’s book illustration of a boy and a girl trying to take their elephant into town.
Forest picnic
Children’s book illustration of a bear and a fox taking a tea break
Animal treehouse
An illustration of an animal treehouse for my children’s book folio
Jungle Tea Party
A Children's book illustration of a boy and a gorilla enjoying a jungle tea party
Space Explorers
An illustration of two friends in a homemade rocket heading of on a space adventure
Shakepeare's Hal and Falstaff
Hal and Falstaff from the best Shakespeare play, Henry IV part 1. Illustration for a children’s book version. 
An illustration for a children's book featuring a boy and his dog exploring a pirate ship wreck
The Haunted Hearth
Camping Under The Stars
An illustration of two kids and their dad camping under the stars. Children's book illustration created in Photoshop
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